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Revealing Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024 | Exclusively Available at Hadayat & Co.

Benjamin Moore color of the year 2024

nova blue paint color

In the world of beautiful wall paint colors, Benjamin Moore knows how to make its mark with extraordinary hues. Home designers eagerly await Benjamin Moore’s annual announcement of their prestigious Color of the Year. And the wait is over for 2024’s color! Benjamin Moore, the renowned authority on colors, has unveiled the magnificent “Blue Nova 825” as their Color of the Year, and it’s creating waves of excitement among interior designers and homeowners.

Newly Launched Color Trends 2024 Palette 

Benjamin Moore has yet again developed innovative color ideas for the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024 series. It’s inspired by the hues experienced during travels to diverse and enchanting destinations worldwide. From the coastal blues of the Mediterranean to the sun-kissed pigments of South American adventures, this palette is a celebration of vivid, inspiring, and mood-enhancing colors.

What’s Special About the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024?

The distinctive color of the year 2024 is “Blue Nova 825”. It is the crown jewel of the Color Trends 2024 palette. This beautiful mid-tone blue is enriched with a subtle hint of red undertones that cast a violet hue. It draws inspiration from nature’s “blue hour,” that magical time of day after sunset when the sky transitions into deep blue with a purplish haze. Looking at Blue Nova paint on walls will show you the beauty of nature, making it a color that’s inviting, magical, and capable of lifting your mood every day.

Where Can I Get the Nova Blue Color?

The good news is that Blue Nova 825 is already available in Pakistan at Hadayat & Co., the sole distributor of Benjamin Moore’s paint colors in the country. You won’t find this exceptional color anywhere else in Pakistan. Hadayat & Co.’s commitment to offering its customers the latest and most sought-after paint colors is reinforced by this exclusive partnership.

beautiful navy blue cabinetInspirations from the 2024 Benjamin Moore Color Palette

The Color Trends 2024 palette is not just about the Color of the Year; it’s a harmonious collection of colors that bring out the best in each other. Pair Blue Nova with other shades from this palette to create captivating and unique combinations. This color is neither too dark nor too light, so it can be easily paired with other tones. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s the timeless White Dove, the vibrant Regent Green, or the earthy Antique Pewter. Explore new color moments and pairings that redefine your living spaces.

rich shades of blue

Here are some harmonious wall paints and combinations where Blue Nova would best suit:

Blue Nova and Topaz (070)

This pairing adds a bold and engaging contrast to your overall room colour coordination. Blue Nova’s cool, calming tones blend wonderfully with the warm terra-cotta orange of Topaz. Together, they create a vibrant and energizing ambiance. This combination is ideal for contemporary living rooms and kitchens, injecting a sense of warmth and vitality.

Blue Nova and Teacup Rose (2170-50) and Polar Sky (1674)

The blend of Blue Nova with Teacup Rose and Polar Sky offers a delicate take on the classic blue and orange relationship but in pastel shades. It’s perfect for creating a serene and uplifting atmosphere. This combination works well in bedrooms, particularly in a nursery or a cozy reading nook.

Blue Nova and Hazy Lilac (2116-40) and Honeybee (CSP-950)

When paired with Hazy Lilac and Honeybee, Blue Nova can give a warm and inviting vibe. This combination is well-suited for bedrooms, especially those aiming for a comfortable, relaxing, and dreamy ambiance showcasing the galactic beauty. The soft, pastel hues create a soothing, tranquil space that will be a perfect look for a place where you want to relax.

Spread the Beauty of Rich Hues on Your Walls!

With Blue Nova 825 and the entire Color Trends 2024 palette, your walls can look unique and serene. You can drench your entire room in the Blue Nova color or use it to highlight architectural details. You can also pair it with other tones in the 2024 color palette, as these colors are versatile and inviting. They pair beautifully with various materials and finishes, increasing your design options. So paint your walls with the best colors of the year!


You can visit Hadayat & Co. showrooms to witness the beauty of Benjamin Moore paint colors or simply contact us at +9242 – 111 – 400 – 500  for more details.


What Are Emulsion Paints and Are They Washable?

Emulsion paints are water-based paint colors, generally washable, making them a popular choice for interior walls. They can withstand mild cleaning without losing their color or finish.

Are Benjamin Moore Paints water-resistant?

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors offers a wide range of painting products, most of which are designed to be water-resistant.

What Paint Color Suits Best for Interior Walls?

The best paint color for interior walls depends on your desired ambiance. Light, neutral colors like soft gray, beige, or pale blue are versatile and create a timeless look. However, it ultimately comes down to your personal style and the atmosphere you want to achieve in your space.

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