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Ideal Benjamin Moore Summer Paint Colors for Your Home

Summer is the perfect time to refresh and revitalise your home with a splash of colour. Benjamin Moore, a renowned name in the paint industry, offers a stunning array of paint colours that embody summer’s essence. Whether you seek serene shades inspired by the sea or vibrant hues that evoke tropical bliss, Benjamin Moore summer paint has the perfect paint colours to transform your living spaces into an oasis of summer charm.

Selecting the Perfect Summer Paint Colors: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right paint colours for your home can be exciting and daunting. Several factors are vital in determining the ideal summer paint colours that suit your space and personality.

Natural Light and Room Size

The amount of natural light a room receives and its size significantly influence the paint colour’s appearance. Rooms with ample sunlight can handle bolder and brighter shades, while smaller spaces may benefit from lighter and airier hues to create a more open feel.

Complementing Your Decor and Furnishings

Take into account the room’s current furniture and décor. The chosen paint colour should harmonise with your furniture, curtains, and accessories, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Personal Preference and Mood Setting

Your preferences and the ambiance you wish to create are crucial in selecting the ideal paint colours. Soft and soothing shades evoke tranquillity, while bold colours energize and make a statement.

Benjamin Moore’s Refreshing Blues and Aquas

The tranquil blues and aquas offered by Benjamin Moore summer paint bring the essence of clear skies and sparkling waters into your home.

Sky Blue (2054–70)

This dreamy and ethereal blue shade creates a sense of openness and calmness, making it perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Breath of Fresh Air (806)

As the name suggests, this light aqua hue breathes freshness into any space, infusing it with a relaxed and refreshing vibe.

Poolside (775)

Transform your home into a tropical oasis with this delightful aqua shade, reminiscent of sparkling pool waters on a sunny day.

Energetic Yellows and Citrus Hues by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore offers an array of vibrant yellows and citrus-inspired shades for a burst of energy and sunshine.

Lemon Sorbet (2019–60)

Infuse your home with the cheerfulness of summer with this delightful lemon sorbet shade, adding a touch of warmth and brightness to any room.

Golden Honey (297)

Embrace the golden hues of summer with this warm and inviting yellow, bringing a cosy and sunny feel to your living spaces.

Citrus Blast (2014–40)

For a zesty burst of energy, consider this lively citrus blast shade that adds excitement to any room.

Serene Greens to Bring Nature Indoors

Invite the tranquillity of nature indoors with Benjamin Moore’s serene green shades.

Pale Avocado (2146-40)

With its soothing and earthy appeal, this pale avocado shade brings a sense of balance and harmony to your living spaces.


As the name suggests, this serene green hue instils a feeling of calmness and relaxation, making it ideal for bedrooms and reading nooks.

Sweet Celadon (522)

This soft, elegant green shade exudes timeless charm, creating a refined and inviting atmosphere.

Radiant Pinks and Coral Shades for a Summer Glow

Add a summer glow to your home with Benjamin Moore’s radiant pinks and corals.

Coral Reef (012)

This vibrant coral shade infuses your living spaces with tropical energy, making it a statement colour for accent walls.

Summer Sun (2017–30)

Embrace the warmth and energy of summer with this delightful sun-kissed pink hue, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere.

Raspberry Mousse (2077–30)

With its rich and sumptuous appeal, this raspberry mousse shade adds a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Cooling Off with Benjamin Moore’s Refreshing Whites

Clean and refreshing whites by Benjamin Moore create a crisp and cooling ambiance.

Simply White (OC-117)

This timeless and versatile white shade brightens any space and pairs beautifully with other colours, creating a classic and elegant look.

Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

This delicate white shade is a perfect choice for a soft and ethereal feel, bringing a sense of airiness and purity.

Frostine (AF-5)

Add a cool and frosty touch to your interiors with this refreshing white shade, evoking the feel of a chilly summer morning.

Bringing Warmth with Soft Neutrals

Benjamin Moore’s soft neutrals infuse warmth and cosiness into your home.

Sandy Brown (2109–50)

This sandy brown shade creates a beachy, relaxed vibe, perfect for coastal-inspired interiors.

Coastal Path (167)

As the name suggests, this serene neutral hue evokes the essence of a peaceful coastal path, making it ideal for creating a calming atmosphere.

Fossil (AF-65)

Any room is given a touch of elegance and sophistication by this gentle, adaptable neutral tint.

Embracing the Tropics with Benjamin Moore’s Exotic Reds

Benjamin Moore offers striking reds inspired by tropical beauty for a touch of exotic flair.

Caliente (AF-290)

Make a bold statement with this rich, captivating red shade, infusing your interiors with energy and passion.

Hibiscus (2027–50)

Embrace the vibrancy of hibiscus flowers with this delightful red shade, adding warmth and charm to your living spaces.

Salsa Dancing (2002–30)

This vivid and lively red hue exudes playful energy, making it an excellent choice for accent walls or front doors.

Creating a Statement with Bold Benjamin Moore Colors

Benjamin Moore offers bold and striking colours for those who love to make a statement.

Peacock Blue (2049-40)

This majestic and alluring peacock blue shade adds drama and elegance to any room, making it a captivating choice for feature walls.

Tropicana Cabana (2048–50)

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this rich and exotic blue-green shade, evoking the essence of a luxurious cabana.

Tequila Lime (2028–30)

This refreshing lime green shade infuses your interiors with energy for a refreshing and lively feel.

Benjamin Moore Summer Paint for High Performance and Lasting Beauty

Benjamin Moore’s commitment to quality and durability ensures their paint colours maintain their vibrant beauty for years. Their high-performance paints withstand the test of time, offering lasting beauty and value to your home.


You can transform your home into a summer sanctuary with Benjamin Moore Summer Paint exquisite palette of summer-inspired paint colours. From calming blues and refreshing greens to vibrant pinks and exotic reds, these colours breathe life into your living spaces, evoking the magic of summer all year.


How do I choose the right paint colour for my room?

Choosing the right paint colour involves considering natural light, room size, existing décor, and personal preferences. Benjamin Moore offers colour samples to help you make an informed decision.

What finish should I use for a summer-inspired look?

For a summer-inspired look, consider using matte or eggshell finishes for a soft, smooth appearance that complements the tranquil ambiance.

Can I use these paint colours for exterior surfaces?

Many of Benjamin Moore’s paint colours are suitable for exterior surfaces, providing delightful summer curb appeal.

Are Benjamin Moore’s paints eco-friendly?

Benjamin Moore is committed to environmental responsibility, offering a wide range of eco-friendly and low-VOC paints.

How can I best maintain the appearance of my painted walls?

To maintain the appearance of your painted walls, follow Benjamin Moore’s care and maintenance guidelines. Regular cleaning and touch-ups will help keep your walls looking fresh and vibrant.

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