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Having a well-designed bathroom is very important as it complements the interiors of your rooms. How can you elevate your bathroom’s design? Simply add sanitary wares, fittings, and accessories per your space’s general aesthetics.

Finding good-quality bathroom sanitary fittings can also be a challenge for some. However, we at Hadayat & Co. vow to make that easier for you through Aura Sanitary Wares, a leading brand in the Pakistani industry. Get the latest and luxurious sanitary items designs in Pakistan only through Aura.

Here, you’ll find an overview of the products under the Aura brand that have beautiful designs, reasonable pricing, and timeless elegance.

Pakistan’s Local Sanitation and Bath Fittings Industry

The Pakistani local sanitary ware and bath fittings industry has grown substantially in recent years, positioning itself as a significant player in the global market. Due to the troubles in imports in recent years, the Pakistani industry has refined its processes and significantly improved design and quality. The industry manufactures various products including bathroom fixtures, sanitary wares, faucets, showers, and accessories. These products cater to both residential and commercial markets. 

Pakistan benefits from a rich reservoir of natural resources like clay, a key raw material for manufacturing sanitary ware. This allows local manufacturers to produce high-quality products at competitive prices, appealing to both domestic and international buyers. Skilled artisans combine age-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create elegant and innovative designs that meet the evolving demands of consumers. As the demand for modern and aesthetically pleasing sanitary ware and bath fittings continues to rise, Pakistan’s industry is well-positioned to expand its market share. 

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Full Range of Products of Aura Sanitary Wares

Aura is Pakistan’s leading brand for sanitary wares, combining luxurious and contemporary classic designs. The fittings are one hundred percent solid brass, the best possible raw material for sanitary fittings. The levers, spindles, aerators, and connecting pipes are all imported. Modern, elegantly designed, and linear rain showers are also available in Aura’s product range.

Here is a range of Aura sanitary ware & fittings you can explore:

  • Wash Basins (Sinks)
  • WCs (Commodes)
  • Faucets (Taps)
  • Rain Showers
  • Linear Showers
  • Floor & Wall Tiles

These products are available at H&Co. showrooms, where you can experience their beauty and durability yourself. 

Wash Basins (Sinks)

We hold various under and above-counter wash basins, perfect for any private or commercial space.  There is also an enhanced line-up of above-counter wash basins in multiple sizes and design variations. To add style and beauty to your bath space, head to Hadayat & Co. 

WCs (Commodes)

Aura is famous for its wall-hung WCs and floor-mount WCs. Our WCs are fitted with soft-close, heavy-duty toilet seats. The WCs on our portfolio are similar in size and shape to the global standard sizes. The floor mount WCs have drain points at 4 inches from the back wall (the most common drain point), making our WCs ideal for bathroom renovations. This helps to avoid major plumbing problems. Our WC shapes are contemporary, and we source our products from the best vendors in Pakistan.

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Faucets (Taps)

Aura’s taps are made of a structure that blends elegance and efficiency, redefining the concept of functional fixtures. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these faucets come in diverse designs and high-quality materials like solid brass to ensure lasting appeal. The range of finishes, from classic polished chrome to contemporary matte black, offers options to match any interior style. 

Water efficiency is a priority, with features like aerators that conserve water without compromising pressure. Easy to install and use, these faucets are useable for both residential and commercial spaces, making Aura’s collection a statement of style, quality, and sustainability in the world of water fixtures.

Rain Showers

Aura provides unparalleled showering luxury with our rain shower heads. These shower heads are made with modern bathroom technology, bringing the soothing sensation of rainfall right into your own bathroom. The rain shower heads mimic the gentle touch of raindrops, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience after a long day. Imagine unwinding your daily stress and exhaustion under a cascade of water, almost as if standing beneath a natural, tranquil rain. 

Linear Showers

Our linear shower heads are a beauty because they are made with both modernity and elegant design. Their sleek and elongated design ensures a seamless water flow, giving your shower space a contemporary, spa-like ambiance. The sensation of water streaming evenly from an extended source offers a unique and refreshing shower day. Aura’s linear shower heads are not just bath fixtures. They are statements reflecting your taste for sophistication and indulgence in every drop. 

Floor & Wall Tiles

With almost 3 decades of experience importing tiles, we have developed our own Aura tiles, keeping the best industry practices in mind. Aura tiles result from efforts made by skilled manufacturers who use best-in-class European-origin machinery. We have created custom designs unavailable in the general Pakistani market focused on Pakistan’s premium-end market.

Explore our tile designs and colors, including cement, marble, wooden planks, mosaics, terracotta, lappato, and granite.

Hybrid Product – Imported Internal and Mechanical Components

One differentiating factor of Aura’s faucets compared to other local products is that they are made with local and imported components. The internal mechanisms of our faucets are made of high-quality imported products. Our skilled manufacturers create external outlines and designs with pure brass bodies. We also provide a one-year replacement warranty for technical issues to ensure our clients trust our brand and stay carefree from issues with our products.

How to Add Aura Sanitary Ware to Your Bathroom Designs?

Integrating Aura Sanitary Ware into your bathroom designs is a step towards elevating your space with elegance and functionality. Here’s how you can infuse these exquisite bathroom sanitary fittings into your own space.

1- Understanding Your Space and Style

Start by assessing your bathroom’s layout and understanding your preferred style. Whether it’s a modern, minimalistic, or classic look you seek, Aura Sanitary Ware has diverse options to cater to your taste.

2- Choosing the Right Pieces

Select bathroom sanitary ware that complements your vision. From washbasins to WCs, Aura offers a range of luxury sanitary ware products. Choose those products that resonate with your style and suit the dimensions of your bathroom and the room attached to it.

3- Coordinating Designs and Finishes

Ensure a consistent look by coordinating the designs and finishes of your sanitary ware. Whether you prefer a sleek chrome finish or a matte look, Aura’s bathroom sanitary fittings come in various finishes to match your aesthetic.

4- Incorporating Functional Accessories

Don’t forget to upgrade the functionality of your bathroom by incorporating sanitary accessories. From elegant faucets to efficient showerheads, these accessories elevate the overall look of your bathroom and enhance usability.

5- Creating a Harmonious Layout

Position the sanitary ware to optimize space and promote a harmonious flow within your bathroom. A well-planned layout ensures convenience and visual appeal. Experiment with various configurations, pairings, and finishes to create a bathroom that epitomizes your personal style. 

aura sanitary wares


Contact our interior designers if you’re still confused about how these products will be incorporated into your bath design. We have a team of experienced professionals who can share valuable advice on what elements will create a sleek and harmonious look in your bathroom.


Upgrade your bathroom experience with Aura’s sanitary ware & fittings and have a relaxing bathing experience to escape your everyday routines. With nearly three decades of experience, Aura Sanitary Ware brings a hybrid of locally manufactured and imported components, promising quality and durability. Trust Aura to be your guide in creating a modern bathroom design that redefines luxury and sophistication in every drop.


How to Keep the Shine of Your Bathroom Accessories Alive?

To maintain the shine of your bathroom accessories, regularly clean them with mild soap and warm water. Avoid harsh acid-based cleaners or scrubbers, as they can damage the finish. Also, apply a thin coat of wax to metal accessories to protect the shine and prevent water spots.

Which Type of Bathroom Sink Designs Are in Demand?

Contemporary and minimalist sink designs are currently in high demand. Vessel sinks, under-mount sinks, and pedestal sinks are popular choices, providing a sleek and modern look. Integrated sinks made of the same material as the countertop are also trending due to their seamless appearance and easy maintenance.

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