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Factors to Consider Before Buying Laminate Flooring | Thickness, AC Grading, MDF vs HDF

Laminated Flooring

Laminate flooring has become popular for homeowners due to its affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. But many people new to choosing floor materials for their homes or commercial use aren’t aware of how to choose the right type of laminated flooring. Understanding the key factors in choosing the right laminate flooring is crucial for making an informed decision. In this guide, we'll dig deeper into the essential factors you should consider before purchasing laminated floors

Why Is Laminate Flooring So Popular?

Laminate flooring has gained popularity in Pakistan for several reasons. It offers a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring, mimicking the look of real wood while being more budget-friendly. Its versatility in design and color options appeals to homeowners seeking various styles. Laminate flooring is an easy-to-install option for renovations, especially in high-traffic areas. For these reasons, laminated floors are getting popular and popular in both residential and commercial use.

Difference between Wooden Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

Wooden flooring and laminate flooring may share a similar aesthetic but differ significantly in composition and characteristics. While hardwood flooring is made from real wood, laminate flooring consists of multiple layers of materials, including a high-resolution image of wood grain. Laminate is generally more affordable and less moisture-resistant, making it suitable for various environments. So basically, hardwood floors use natural wood to carve into tiles, but laminated floors offer a similar look in printer form with additional benefits.

Laminated Flooring

Important Factors to Know About Laminate Flooring

Before you start searching for laminate flooring designs, read about these factors carefully. Having the knowledge of what is required in good-quality laminate flooring can help you choose the right one for your homes, offices, restaurants, etc.

1) AC Grading

AC grading, or abrasion class, is a standardized measure that assesses a laminate floor's ability to withstand wear and tear. It provides information about the durability of the flooring in various settings.

Knowing the level of AC grade is very important because it helps homeowners choose a laminate flooring product that aligns with the level of traffic in the intended installation area. Higher AC grades (AC3 to AC5) are suitable for high-traffic commercial spaces, while lower grades (AC1 to AC2) may be sufficient for residential use. So, choose your AC grading wisely for the laminated floors.

2) MDF vs HDF

Many people don't know the difference between MDF vs HDF boards. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and HDF (High-Density Fiberboard) are two types of fiberboard used as the core material in laminate flooring. HDF is denser and sturdier than MDF. Understanding the core material used in your laminated floors is a must because it influences the laminate floor's strength, stability, and impact resistance. HDF is the preferred choice for areas with high foot traffic, as it can better withstand the stresses of everyday use.

Laminated Flooring

3) Thickness

The thickness of laminate flooring can vary from 6mm to 12mm. Thicker planks are preferred in chilly areas as they provide better stability and insulation. Consider the subfloor condition and the room's purpose when selecting the appropriate thickness. Thicker planks provide more support and durability, making them suitable for high-traffic areas and rooms with specific needs, such as kitchens or offices.

4) EIR (Embossed in Register)

EIR technology involves aligning the surface texture of the laminate flooring with the design layer, creating a realistic and authentic wood-like appearance. It enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your laminate flooring. EIR technology is essential for those seeking a visually convincing laminate floor closely mimicking hardwood's natural look and feel. It adds a layer of authenticity to the flooring, enhancing its aesthetic value.

5) Kg/M3 Density

Kg/M3 density represents the mass of the board per unit volume, indicating how dense the core material is. Higher-density boards are generally more resilient and durable. The density of the laminate board influences its strength, impact resistance, and overall longevity. Good quality laminated flooring is typically in the range of 810-830 KG/M3.

Higher-density boards are preferable, especially in areas prone to heavy use or potential impacts, as they offer greater durability and structural integrity over time. You need to choose the right amount of Kg/M3 density for your use. 

Benefits of Using Laminate Flooring

Apart from the reasons laminate floors are so popular, there are several benefits this building material provides. Here are the top benefits of laminated floors that no other flooring can provide:

  • Cost-effective alternative to hardwood
  • Wide range of design options
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Resistance to scratches, stains, and moisture
  • Thermal Insulation

Cost-effective Alternative to Hardwood

Some people love the natural look of hardwood in their homes, especially in the bedrooms, but it can be quite expensive. Laminate flooring offers an economical solution for those seeking the aesthetic appeal of hardwood without the hefty price tag. The manufacturing process of such laminated floors involves a high-resolution image of real wood printed on the boards. The end results provide a realistic appearance, almost like the hardwood floors. This cost-effective alternative allows homeowners to achieve the desired look within their limited budget.

Wide Range of Design Options

Laminate flooring provides different design options, mimicking various wood species, stone, and tile patterns. Manufacturers use advanced printing technologies to replicate the natural textures and colors of these materials. Homeowners can choose from a diverse selection to complement their interior design preferences and elevate the beauty of their homes.

Laminated Flooring

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Laminate floors are known for their user-friendly installation process, and that’s why they are so popular in commercial use. Many laminate products feature a click-lock or tongue-and-groove system, facilitating a simple installation suitable for DIY enthusiasts. The surface of laminate flooring is resistant to dust and allergens, making it easy to clean with routine sweeping and occasional damp mopping. This ease of maintenance is especially beneficial for busy households who cannot clean their floors every day.

Resistance to Scratches, Stains, and Moisture

Laminate flooring is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. The wear layer on the surface acts as a protective barrier, making laminate resistant to scratches, stains, and spills. This durability makes it an excellent choice for areas with high foot traffic, such as living rooms and kitchens. Moreover, many laminate options come with water-resistant or waterproof features, enhancing their suitability for areas prone to moisture exposure.

Thermal Insulation

Laminate flooring is renowned for its excellent thermal insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. In colder weather, laminate floors have the ability to retain warmth, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room.

During periods of very warm weather, laminate flooring can help keep indoor spaces cooler and more comfortable. This balance of thermal regulation adds more to your living comfort and contributes to energy efficiency by potentially reducing the need for additional heating or cooling.


In this guide, you learned how considering various factors, from AC grading to density, can affect your buying decision. Always remember to assess where you want to use the laminated sheets and how much traffic that area receives. Laminate flooring provides an attractive and practical solution for homeowners seeking the beauty of wood without the high cost and maintenance. So, be careful that when you buy laminated sheets, they are up to the mark.

Aura Tiles offers an exclusive range of laminated flooring with beautiful designs from durable imported materials. Our high-quality laminated floors are made from HDF with AC3 grading, ideal for any space.

Visit our showroom or contact us to get more details.


Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed in Moisture-Prone Areas?

While laminate flooring is resistant to moisture, excessive exposure to water may damage it. It's not recommended for bathrooms but can be installed in kitchens with proper precautions.

How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last?

The lifespan of laminate flooring varies based on factors like quality, maintenance, and foot traffic. On average, it can last 15-25 years or more.

Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed Over Existing Floors?

In most cases, yes. Laminate flooring is often designed for floating installation, allowing it to be placed over existing floors, such as vinyl or hardwood.


Real Difference Between Commercial vs Home Gym Equipment

In the world of fitness and wellness, the choice between commercial and home exercise equipment is a decision that can significantly impact your workout experience. If you're a fitness enthusiast who wants a personal workout space or a business owner planning to set up a commercial gym, understanding the differences between these two categories of gym machines is necessary. 

Sometimes the facility managers of gyms even get confused about whether they should invest in commercial or home gym equipment. Read this guide to get details about the advantages of commercial vs home fitness gym equipment and learn the essential factors that will help you make an informed choice. Here you’ll also know where you can get the best gym equipment in Pakistan.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Vs Home Gym Equipment?

Commercial and home gym equipment aren’t the same things as there are visible differences in their design and functionality. Here are some major differences that will help you understand the specifications of commercial vs home gym equipment:

Design and Durability

Commercial gym equipment is mainly designed for heavy usage in public gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs. It is built with strong materials and movement capabilities so it can endure daily use by multiple users. This equipment is typically made with high-grade, heavy-duty materials and has powerful built-quality to withstand wear and tear. The steel piping used in commercial grade is typically 3mm thick (or 12 gauge) which adds up to its durability and resistance to long term use.

Compared to commercial gym equipment, home gym exercise machines and equipment are designed for limited use in a household or personal setting. It is also made with durable materials but is not as strong as those used in commercial machines. Moreover, the design of these machines is compact to fit in smaller spaces. 

commercial vs home gym equipment

Functionality and Features

Commercial equipment’s functionality suits rigorous use and advanced features to accommodate multiple users with different fitness goals and levels. These features usually include detailed electronic displays, various workout programs, and settings for different intensity levels. 

Home gym equipment also has enhanced functionality but usually fewer advanced features and is designed for ease of use. Its usage functionality is also simple, catering to the general fitness needs of individuals or families. However, the bio-mechanics (isolation of the specific muscle being targeted) for home gym machines is not as good as commercial grade.

Size and Space Requirements

Commercial gym machines are usually larger and take up more space, as they are designed for a gym setting with ample room. 

sturdy commercial gym equipment

Home gym machines are typically more space-efficient, with many models designed to be foldable or compact to suit smaller spaces like home gyms, garages, or living rooms.


Due to the higher durability, advanced features, and larger size, commercial gym equipment is generally more expensive than home gym equipment. The investment in commercial equipment reflects its ability to withstand heavy use over time. 

Home gym equipment is usually more affordable and cost-effective for people or families looking to exercise at home, especially for old people who find working out at a gym inconvenient.

Medium Duty vs Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Equipment

There is a distinct classification between medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial gym machines and equipment. Medium Duty commercial-grade equipment is tailored for environments like corporate offices, small gyms, and apartment building fitness centers. These pieces are designed to withstand moderate usage but are not intended for larger facilities' high-traffic, rigorous demands. 

Heavy-duty commercial-grade equipment is built to endure intense, frequent use in settings such as health clubs, universities, and professional training centers. This type of equipment is more robust, often featuring enhanced durability and greater capacities to accommodate a wider range of users and more strenuous workout routines.

vibe gym machine equipment

Can We Use Commercial Gym Equipment in Homes?

Yes, commercial gym equipment can be used in homes, but several factors must be considered before purchasing commercial gym machines. Commercial equipment is typically more durable and designed for heavy usage, making it a long-lasting home-use investment. However, it's often larger and heavier than residential gym equipment, so space and floor strength should be evaluated before installation. 

Moreover, commercial equipment may have more advanced features and require a higher budget than home gym equipment. So before making such an investment in gym equipment, analyze your fitness needs and your budget along with the space you have in your home.

commercial vs home gym equipment

How to Choose the Right Commercial Gym Equipment?

Confused about how to get the best commercial gym equipment for your home? Consider these factors as our tips to get the right commercial equipment for your space:

  • Measure the available space to ensure the equipment will fit comfortably without overcrowding. Consider ceiling height, floor space, and layout.
  • Choose equipment that aligns with your fitness objectives, whether cardio, strength training, or flexibility exercises.
  • Go for high-quality, durable equipment designed for heavy usage to get longevity and safety.
  • Set a realistic budget and prioritize equipment that offers the best value for money.
  • Ensure the equipment is comfortable to use and ergonomically designed to prevent injury.
  • Consider the needs of those who will use the equipment. For instance, various equipment is needed to cater to different age groups and fitness levels.
  • Check the warranty period of any gym machine and what is covered in the warranty period, such as its parts, maintenance, etc.
  • Also check how easily a gym machine can be maintained and how you can obtain its spare parts. 
  • Look for equipment with safety features like emergency stop buttons, especially cardio machines like treadmills.

How to Choose the Right Home Gym Equipment?

Now if you want a gym setup at home then go for these qualities in exercise machines:

  • Determine what you want to achieve with your home gym. Your goals will guide your equipment choices.
  • Check the space you have available. Consider foldable or multi-purpose equipment if space is limited.
  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it, prioritizing equipment that offers the most versatility and value for your investment.
  • It's better to have a few pieces of high-quality equipment than a lot of cheap, ineffective ones. 
  • Look for durability and good build quality, especially for weight and resistance bands.
  • Choose those gym machines and equipment that are multi-functional. Multi-gyms, adjustable dumbbells, and resistance bands are great for multiple workout options without taking up too much space.
  • Select equipment that is easy to set up and use. Complicated machinery can be discouraging, especially for beginners.
  • You must check that the equipment is safe to use, especially if you'll be working out alone.
  • Consider what types of exercises you enjoy. If you dislike running, a treadmill might not be the best choice. Align your equipment with activities you enjoy.
  • Look for reviews and testimonials from other users. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality and usability of the equipment.
  • Choose equipment that can grow with you as your fitness level improves. Adjustable weights, for example, can be adapted as you get stronger.

Where Can I Get Both Commercial and Home Gym Equipment?

If you’re searching for any kind of gym equipment, then Hadayat & Co. is your go-to destination. We have a range of various gym machines from the best brands available in Pakistan. You can buy Life Fitness, Concept 2, Vibe Fit, and SportsArt gym machines and accessories easily online through our stores. You can also visit our showrooms to experience these machines' quality and design capabilities. So head to our stores and get the best gym equipment in Pakistan.

Shop High-Quality Gym Equipment in Pakistan at Vibe!

Now that you know the difference between commercial and home gym equipment, you can choose the right one for your preferences. Remember that before choosing any type of gym machine, keep your budget and fitness level requirements in mind.

Gym facility managers who constantly struggle with maintaining their gym equipment can get highly-durbale imported machines from us. With us you can save your investment that's spent on regular machine maintenance by using strongly built commercial-grade gym machines.

If you’re interested in getting imported gym products or gym equipment for home gym right away, then contact us for more details.


Aura Sanitary Wares: Best Bathroom Products Designs in Pakistan

aura sanitary wares


Having a well-designed bathroom is very important as it complements the interiors of your rooms. How can you elevate your bathroom’s design? Simply add sanitary wares, fittings, and accessories per your space’s general aesthetics.

Finding good-quality bathroom sanitary fittings can also be a challenge for some. However, we at Hadayat & Co. vow to make that easier for you through Aura Sanitary Wares, a leading brand in the Pakistani industry. Get the latest and luxurious sanitary items designs in Pakistan only through Aura.

Here, you’ll find an overview of the products under the Aura brand that have beautiful designs, reasonable pricing, and timeless elegance.

Pakistan’s Local Sanitation and Bath Fittings Industry

The Pakistani local sanitary ware and bath fittings industry has grown substantially in recent years, positioning itself as a significant player in the global market. Due to the troubles in imports in recent years, the Pakistani industry has refined its processes and significantly improved design and quality. The industry manufactures various products including bathroom fixtures, sanitary wares, faucets, showers, and accessories. These products cater to both residential and commercial markets. 

Pakistan benefits from a rich reservoir of natural resources like clay, a key raw material for manufacturing sanitary ware. This allows local manufacturers to produce high-quality products at competitive prices, appealing to both domestic and international buyers. Skilled artisans combine age-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create elegant and innovative designs that meet the evolving demands of consumers. As the demand for modern and aesthetically pleasing sanitary ware and bath fittings continues to rise, Pakistan’s industry is well-positioned to expand its market share. 

glass doors

Full Range of Products of Aura Sanitary Wares

Aura is Pakistan’s leading brand for sanitary wares, combining luxurious and contemporary classic designs. The fittings are one hundred percent solid brass, the best possible raw material for sanitary fittings. The levers, spindles, aerators, and connecting pipes are all imported. Modern, elegantly designed, and linear rain showers are also available in Aura’s product range.

Here is a range of Aura sanitary ware & fittings you can explore:

  • Wash Basins (Sinks)
  • WCs (Commodes)
  • Faucets (Taps)
  • Rain Showers
  • Linear Showers
  • Floor & Wall Tiles

These products are available at H&Co. showrooms, where you can experience their beauty and durability yourself. 

Wash Basins (Sinks)

We hold various under and above-counter wash basins, perfect for any private or commercial space.  There is also an enhanced line-up of above-counter wash basins in multiple sizes and design variations. To add style and beauty to your bath space, head to Hadayat & Co. 

WCs (Commodes)

Aura is famous for its wall-hung WCs and floor-mount WCs. Our WCs are fitted with soft-close, heavy-duty toilet seats. The WCs on our portfolio are similar in size and shape to the global standard sizes. The floor mount WCs have drain points at 4 inches from the back wall (the most common drain point), making our WCs ideal for bathroom renovations. This helps to avoid major plumbing problems. Our WC shapes are contemporary, and we source our products from the best vendors in Pakistan.

wall hung WC

Faucets (Taps)

Aura’s taps are made of a structure that blends elegance and efficiency, redefining the concept of functional fixtures. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these faucets come in diverse designs and high-quality materials like solid brass to ensure lasting appeal. The range of finishes, from classic polished chrome to contemporary matte black, offers options to match any interior style. 

Water efficiency is a priority, with features like aerators that conserve water without compromising pressure. Easy to install and use, these faucets are useable for both residential and commercial spaces, making Aura’s collection a statement of style, quality, and sustainability in the world of water fixtures.

Rain Showers

Aura provides unparalleled showering luxury with our rain shower heads. These shower heads are made with modern bathroom technology, bringing the soothing sensation of rainfall right into your own bathroom. The rain shower heads mimic the gentle touch of raindrops, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience after a long day. Imagine unwinding your daily stress and exhaustion under a cascade of water, almost as if standing beneath a natural, tranquil rain. 

Linear Showers

Our linear shower heads are a beauty because they are made with both modernity and elegant design. Their sleek and elongated design ensures a seamless water flow, giving your shower space a contemporary, spa-like ambiance. The sensation of water streaming evenly from an extended source offers a unique and refreshing shower day. Aura’s linear shower heads are not just bath fixtures. They are statements reflecting your taste for sophistication and indulgence in every drop. 

Floor & Wall Tiles

With almost 3 decades of experience importing tiles, we have developed our own Aura tiles, keeping the best industry practices in mind. Aura tiles result from efforts made by skilled manufacturers who use best-in-class European-origin machinery. We have created custom designs unavailable in the general Pakistani market focused on Pakistan’s premium-end market.

Explore our tile designs and colors, including cement, marble, wooden planks, mosaics, terracotta, lappato, and granite.

Hybrid Product – Imported Internal and Mechanical Components

One differentiating factor of Aura’s faucets compared to other local products is that they are made with local and imported components. The internal mechanisms of our faucets are made of high-quality imported products. Our skilled manufacturers create external outlines and designs with pure brass bodies. We also provide a one-year replacement warranty for technical issues to ensure our clients trust our brand and stay carefree from issues with our products.

How to Add Aura Sanitary Ware to Your Bathroom Designs?

Integrating Aura Sanitary Ware into your bathroom designs is a step towards elevating your space with elegance and functionality. Here’s how you can infuse these exquisite bathroom sanitary fittings into your own space.

1- Understanding Your Space and Style

Start by assessing your bathroom’s layout and understanding your preferred style. Whether it’s a modern, minimalistic, or classic look you seek, Aura Sanitary Ware has diverse options to cater to your taste.

2- Choosing the Right Pieces

Select bathroom sanitary ware that complements your vision. From washbasins to WCs, Aura offers a range of luxury sanitary ware products. Choose those products that resonate with your style and suit the dimensions of your bathroom and the room attached to it.

3- Coordinating Designs and Finishes

Ensure a consistent look by coordinating the designs and finishes of your sanitary ware. Whether you prefer a sleek chrome finish or a matte look, Aura’s bathroom sanitary fittings come in various finishes to match your aesthetic.

4- Incorporating Functional Accessories

Don’t forget to upgrade the functionality of your bathroom by incorporating sanitary accessories. From elegant faucets to efficient showerheads, these accessories elevate the overall look of your bathroom and enhance usability.

5- Creating a Harmonious Layout

Position the sanitary ware to optimize space and promote a harmonious flow within your bathroom. A well-planned layout ensures convenience and visual appeal. Experiment with various configurations, pairings, and finishes to create a bathroom that epitomizes your personal style. 

aura sanitary wares


Contact our interior designers if you’re still confused about how these products will be incorporated into your bath design. We have a team of experienced professionals who can share valuable advice on what elements will create a sleek and harmonious look in your bathroom.


Upgrade your bathroom experience with Aura’s sanitary ware & fittings and have a relaxing bathing experience to escape your everyday routines. With nearly three decades of experience, Aura Sanitary Ware brings a hybrid of locally manufactured and imported components, promising quality and durability. Trust Aura to be your guide in creating a modern bathroom design that redefines luxury and sophistication in every drop.


How to Keep the Shine of Your Bathroom Accessories Alive?

To maintain the shine of your bathroom accessories, regularly clean them with mild soap and warm water. Avoid harsh acid-based cleaners or scrubbers, as they can damage the finish. Also, apply a thin coat of wax to metal accessories to protect the shine and prevent water spots.

Which Type of Bathroom Sink Designs Are in Demand?

Contemporary and minimalist sink designs are currently in high demand. Vessel sinks, under-mount sinks, and pedestal sinks are popular choices, providing a sleek and modern look. Integrated sinks made of the same material as the countertop are also trending due to their seamless appearance and easy maintenance.

Read more about 12 Tips to Maintain Tile Beauty

Learn where to Explore High-Quality Sanitary Products for your Modern Bathrooms


Discover the Hottest Tile Styles and Tiles Design in Pakistan 2024

Tile trends in Pakistan are constantly evolving, and there is always something new to explore! From modern metallic tiles to vintage-inspired designs, deciding which tile is the perfect fit for your home or business can be tricky.

Latest Trends in Pakistan’s Tile Industry

In this blog post, we will dive into the latest tile trends in Pakistan and discuss the different types of tiles available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Whether you are looking for a subtle look or a bold statement, you will find something that suits your style and preferences. So let’s get started and explore the perfect tile for you!

          The Allure of Micro-Crystal Tiles: Sleek, Durable, and Versatile White Tiles                                                  

Micro-crystal or white tiles are tiles with a high gloss finish. They are remarkably white, thanks to advanced manufacturing technology. These tiles are durable, resistant to water and stains, and easy to maintain.

White offers design versatility, suitable for walls and floors, and can be easily combined with other colours for a unique and personalised look. Micro-crystal tiles are popular in modern interior design for their clean and luxurious appearance.

Wood Look Tiles: Timeless Charm and Practicality

Wooden look tiles have been trending in Pakistan for a while now, and it’s easy to see why. These tiles offer the warmth and texture of natural wood but with the durability and low maintenance of ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Wooden tiles come in various colors and styles, from traditional oak to more modern dark grey wood grains. They can be used in almost any room, including bathrooms and kitchens, and add a natural, earthy feel. The best part?

Unlike real wood, these tiles won’t warp, crack, or fade over time, making them an excellent investment for any home or commercial space. This is due to tile having very low thermal expansion and contraction properties.

Affordable Elegance: Marble Look Tiles – A Luxurious Touch without the Cost

Natural marble has always been a popular choice, but it is not a natural choice for all because it is relatively costly. The latest trend in Pakistan’s tile industry is marble-look tiles which offer the same aesthetic appeal without the cost and upkeep. These tiles have a natural veining pattern and come in various colours, from white to black and everything in between.

They are versatile and can be used anywhere, from kitchen backsplash to bathroom walls. Marble look tiles can add a touch of luxury to any space without breaking the bank.

Contemporary Charm and Durability: Concrete-Look Tiles

Concrete-look tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan due to their modern and industrial feel. These tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. They come in shades of gray and ash white.

These are usually textured to mimic natural concrete. These tiles cater to a wide range of design philosophies such as modern, brutalism, minimalism, and industrial design. Their neutral color scheme allows endless design possibilities for a timeless look.

Creating a Spacious and Stylish Ambiance: The Trendy Allure of Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are all the rage in Pakistan’s tile industry. These tiles have sizes that exceed standard tile sizes. Typically, large format tiles are 4′ x 8′ are considered to be large format. Using large format tiles can help create an illusion of space and openness in any space. They are perfect for a modern, sleek, stylish, and practical look.

These tiles can be used on floors, walls, and countertops, offering endless design possibilities. Their minimal grout lines also make cleaning much easier. Large format tiles are available in various finishes, from matte to glossy, making it easy to match any aesthetic.

So, if you want to create a modern and timeless look in your home or business, large-format tiles are worth considering.

Reviving Elegance: Geometrical Patterns Resurge in Pakistan’s Tile Industry

Geometrical patterns are returning to Pakistan’s tile industry, adding a fresh and contemporary look to interior spaces. These patterns offer a modern and sleek touch for both floors and walls.

Trendy options include checkerboards, subway tiles, art deco designs, and patterned floors. The resurgence of 1970s design has also brought back terrazzo patterns. Embracing these geometrical patterns can elevate your home’s aesthetic and create a stylish ambiance.

Modern Twist on Timeless Elegance: Terrazzo Look Tiles – A Stylish Statement for Any Space

Discover the Hottest Tile Styles & Designs

Terrazzo look tiles have gained popularity in recent years as they offer a modern twist to traditional terrazzo flooring.

These tiles are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles. The beauty of these tiles lies in the subtle speckles and patterns that create an elegant and unique design.

Terrazzo-look tiles are versatile, as they come in various colours, finishes, and sizes. From floors to walls, terrazzo look tiles can be used in almost any space. Overall, terrazzo-look tiles are an excellent way to add style and sophistication to any interior.

Seamless Transitions: Indoor-Outdoor Harmony 

One of the latest tile trends in Pakistan is creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Tiles suitable for both environments allow for a more natural flow and a more connected living experience.

From earthy textures to stone finishes, various outdoor-inspired tile options can enhance any indoor or outdoor space. Whether you are designing a patio, balcony, or entrance lobby, these tiles can help you bring the outdoors in and make your home feel more harmonious with nature.

Rediscovering Glamour: The Revival of Art Deco Tiles in Pakistan’s Tile Industry

Geometrical patterns are making a comeback in the tile industry in Pakistan. They can add a modern and sleek look to any room and be used on floors and walls. Geometrical patterns are here to stay and are worth considering when selecting the perfect tiles for your home.

Another exciting trend in Pakistan’s tile industry is the resurgence of Art Deco tiles. Art Deco is a design style from the early 20th century known for its bold geometric patterns, vibrant colours, and luxurious materials.

Art Deco tiles capture the essence of this style, offering a touch of glamour and elegance to any space. These tiles often feature intricate patterns, such as chevron, fan, or sunburst designs, and can be used as statement pieces or to create feature walls.

Art Deco tiles are a fantastic choice, Whether you add a retro vibe to your home or inject some personality into a commercial space.

Timeless Colour Combinations: Elevating Style in Pakistan’s Tile Industry

It’s all about pairing while selecting tiles. Most tiles are installed as a combination. While trends come and go, some colour combinations remain timeless and continue to captivate homeowners and designers.

Specific colour combinations have stood the test of time in Pakistan’s tile industry. One popular pairing is black and white, which creates a classic and sophisticated look. Black and white tiles can be used in various patterns, such as checkerboard or herringbone, and work well in modern and traditional settings.

Some of the captivating colour combinations for tile designs are as follows:

Green and ivory:

Combining green and ivory creates a refreshing and natural ambiance. Green tiles can range from vibrant shades to soothing pastels, while ivory provides a neutral and elegant backdrop. This colour combination brings a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature, making it suitable for spaces seeking a fresh and calming atmosphere.

Discover the Hottest Tile Styles & Designs

Black and off-white:

The contrasting duo of black and off-white offers a bold and sophisticated look. Black tiles can add drama and depth to a room, while off-white tones provide balance and a sense of openness. This combination is ideal for creating a modern and contemporary aesthetic with a sleek and timeless appeal.

Maroon and cream:

The rich and warm tones of maroon and the softness of cream create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. Maroon tiles add a sense of luxury and depth, while cream tones provide a soothing and harmonious backdrop. This colour combination is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and refinement to spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms.

Our collection of 2′ x 4′ tiles is versatile and visually appealing, catering to the demand for larger-sized tiles. With neutral colour combinations like beige and cream or gray and white, they provide a timeless aesthetic that adapts to various design styles.

These tiles create a seamless and cohesive look, adding grandeur and openness to any space. Crafted with quality and durability in mind, they ensure longevity and easy maintenance. Incorporating our collection of 2′ x 4′ tiles will elevate the overall aesthetic of your residential or commercial project, leaving a lasting impression.


The tile industry in Pakistan offers a wide range of options to suit every taste and style.

When selecting the perfect tile for your home or business, consider the overall design scheme, the functionality of the space, and your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a minimalist look, a retro vibe, or a blend of different styles, there is a tile out there that will bring your vision to life.

So explore the latest trends in Pakistan’s tile industry, and find the perfect tile that will transform your space into something truly remarkable!

Contact Us:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at our UAN Number 111-400-500. We are here to help you with all your tile-related needs. Contact us today, and let us guide you toward the perfect tiles for your project.


Benjamin Moore's Color of The Year 2021

A fresh palette. A revitalized spirit. A soft, rosy hue blooming with potential. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2020, First Light 2102-70, is the backdrop for a bright new decade.

The ten harmonious hues of the Color Trends 2020 palette, including First Light, deliver modern paint color pairings that combine optimism with understatement, a timeless way to lighten up.


White Heron


White Heron

First Light


First Light




Windmill Wings


Windmill Wings

Buxton Blue


Buxton Blue

Golden Straw


Golden Straw




Cushing Green


Cushing Green

Oxford Gray


Oxford Gray

Blue Danube


Blue Danube


Kohler's Components Collection

Designed to be designed.

Discover a full collection of contemporary bathroom components. This range encourages you to create your own desired look by mixing a faucet spout with your preferred handle style. The various spout and handle options in this handpicked selection allow you to add a personal touch to the environment. Once you’ve decided on a style that appeals to you, choose a finish and combine the entire area together with Components showering designs, and accessories.

kohler components

Components is a versatile collection that was created to be designed by you, with different combinations providing distinct designs.

Choose your spout.

Every spout in the Components series has clean, modern lines. This produces a strong design statement in any bathroom by creating a bold silhouette. Laminar flow is used in both the Row and Tube spouts to reduce splash and provide a more natural movement to the water stream. To achieve your desired aesthetic, combine a spout with any pair of handles.

Choose your handle.

Each handle in the Components series controls water flow and temperature precisely. Every action is natural and effortless. Combine a set of handles with any spout for a very modern appearance.

Choose your finish.

Put the final touches on your design. Our Finish to Order service offers additional finishes for the Component sets. Learn more about our Finish to Order Program by visiting your nearest KOHLER dealership.


Give the shower a touch of modernism with handles and more.


The minimalist modern design extends to towel bars and more.

Modern versatility.

The Components collection’s versatility and personalization make it useable in a variety of designs and styles. Combine a spout, handles, and finish to create a unique appearance for your room.

kohler components

The Components Design Story.

Discover the inspiration behind the collection.