paint ideas for winter2 2024

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to bring warmth and coziness into your home with the perfect paint colors. Aura Paints has curated a stunning collection of paint ideas for Winter 2024 that will not only keep you snug but also bring peaceful vibes to your living spaces. From inviting neutrals to deep rich shades, these paint colors are designed to transform your interiors into a winter wonderland. Look closely into these top paint ideas to make your home feel like a cozy retreat during the chilly months.

What Are the New Colors in Aura’s Winter Palette for 2024?

The new color palette of Aura Paints brings you an array of warm colors for this winter season. For people who love the calm aesthetic vibe of the winter season, we have shades that will go perfectly along with your mood. This color palette comprises 5 beautiful shades: Deep Autumn, Spice Red, Oxide Red, Soft Mocca, and Storm Grey.

Paint Ideas for Winter 2024 – Aura Color Palette

Introducing the shades of warmth with our unique winter palette: 

Deep Autumn

Our Deep Autumn shade is a perfect blend of brown and orange color that gives out a dark yet subtle aesthetic hue. This color is best for homes with bright lighting and can be combined with off-white and greyish hues. You can decorate the rest of your home interior with neutral accessories that will go perfectly with Deep Autumn paint color.

Spice Red

Next we have our hottest color of the year! Spice Red is one of the most radiant shades you’ll ever find, and it’s best for gothic Victorian home theme lovers. This shade can bring out a unique look in your house that will spice up your surroundings leaving everyone in awe. Pair it up with snowy white accessories or black interiors.

Soft Mocca

To tone down the richness of our color palette, we have this excellent Soft Mocca color that’s best to get that breezy winter vibe. This is a tone of beige that can work for both modern and traditional spaces. Add a touch of auburn or sea green accessories to pair up with our Soft Mocca paints and see the magic yourself.

paint ideas for winter2 2024

Storm Grey

Who thought you could capture the beauty of a storm in a paint color? We have nature’s best representation in our Storm Grey paint color. It is a neutral greyish tone with a mixture of black that adds depth to your walls and pairs well with wooden laminated floors. Storm Grey is a shade that is readily setting trends in 2024.

paint ideas for winter2 2024

Oxide Red

As if one red shade wasn’t enough to leave you charmed, we have another gorgeous reddish hue you must check out. This shade, however has a different aesthetic to it. It isn’t radiant nor energetic but rather boasts a calm saturated brown shade with a mix of red hues that resemble oxidized red bricks. Best for people who love the warm country-side home looks.

Pairing Guide for Winter Color Palette by Aura

Still confused about how to pair up these colors in your own living spaces? Revamping your interior spaces can be tedious with so many options at hand. That’s why you can always get an expert consultation with Hadayat & Co. about which paint colors will go best in your living spaces. Visit our showroom to discuss your home design vision with us. We’ll make sure to give you the best possible representation of how your home will look after matching with Aura’s 2024 winter colors.

Here we have made a short color pairing guide for bedroom paint colors, living room paint ideas, and  bathroom & kitchen space colors by choosing shades from our Winter 2024 palette:

Bedroom Paint Ideas

Deep Autumn is the best color for bedroom walls. Its dark yet subtle aesthetic hue creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a good night’s sleep. Soft, grey, or white bedding and similar curtains can complement the walls beautifully.

Spice Red can add a touch of drama and warmth to a bedroom, creating an intimate and passionate atmosphere. Think of white bed linens, lace curtains, or black furniture accents to enhance the fiery ambiance.

Soft Mocca is a versatile choice, perfect for a bedroom with a breezy winter vibe. Complement it with auburn or sea green accessories, such as throw pillows, rugs, or bedside lamps, for a harmonious look.

Living Room Paint Ideas

Storm Grey can create a sophisticated and neutral backdrop in your living room. Use light wooden furniture, black accents, or a gallery wall to complete the look.

With its saturated brown and red hues, Oxide Red can add a warm and rustic touch to the living room. Pair it with rosy pink accessories like cushions or art pieces to create a charming, cozy atmosphere.

Bathroom Paints

The vibrant and daring Spice Red can add a touch of drama to your bathroom design. Pair it with snowy white or matte black fixtures and accessories to create an elegant and striking contrast. A white freestanding bathtub or black-framed mirrors can enhance the overall visual appeal.

The neutral and sophisticated Storm Grey is perfect for an elegant yet calming bathroom setting. Dark gray or charcoal color bath tiles can further enhance the depth of Storm Grey. Consider silver or chrome fixtures to accentuate the contemporary feel.

Kitchen Paint Ideas

Deep Autumn can be a unique choice for a kitchen, especially if you’re looking to make a statement. Use it as an accent wall behind open shelves or on kitchen cabinets. Combine it with light blue backsplash tiles or off-white countertops for a balanced and fresh look. You can also choose these colors for kitchen cabinets.

Soft Mocca is an excellent option for a kitchen with a clean, modern design. It pairs well with stainless steel appliances and light wooden cabinetry. This tone of beige creates a calm and inviting environment for cooking and dining.

Storm Grey, with its depth and neutrality, can be used for kitchen cabinets or as a wall color. It pairs beautifully with marble countertops, providing an elegant and timeless look. Consider adding brass or gold kitchen appliances for a touch of luxury.

The Beauty of Deep Rustic Colors in Living Spaces

In interior design, few things are as captivating as the rich, deep rustic colors that can transform your living spaces. These colors, reminiscent of the changing leaves in autumn, create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Deep, rustic shades bring a touch of the outdoors inside, making your living room a cozy haven, especially during the winter months. 

The 2024 Winter Color Palette by Aura Paints introduces “Deep Autumn,” a perfect blend of brown and orange, as one of the stars of the collection. This deep yet subtle hue adds an aesthetic charm to your living spaces, evoking the feeling of being wrapped in a cozy blanket. It pairs exceptionally well with bright lighting, making your living room a welcoming retreat. With paint colors from our winter palette, you can create an environment that encourages relaxation and serenity. Imagine curling up on the sofa with a good book or enjoying a movie night with loved ones in a room adorned with these captivating colors.

Revamp Your Home Paint Colors With Aura Paint’s 2024 Palette!

As the winter season approaches, it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your home by revamping your home paint colors. Aura Paints presents a curated collection of paint ideas for Winter 2024, designed to bring warmth, comfort, and serene vibes to your living spaces. With this latest palette, you can transform your interiors into a winter wonderland. Each hue is carefully chosen to create a cozy retreat during the chilly winter.

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