Do you ever dream of having a luxury bathroom design like in a 5-star hotel? Well, this dream can be a reality with BAGNODESIGN’s newly launched Orology series. Explore our new range specially imported from the BAGNODESIGN Orology collection to provide luxurious bathroom products in Pakistan.


Modern Bathroom Product Designs

Luxury, elegance, and modernity are the hallmarks of a dream bathroom. BAGNODESIGN’s Orology series is a testament to modernity meeting luxury. With these new products, you can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of beauty and comfort. This carefully curated collection showcases many options of modern bathroom products, including basin mixers, bath showers, shower mixers, vanities, and various accessories that enrich your bathroom experience.

BAGNODESIGN Orology: Philosophy of Design Behind this Collection

BAGNODESIGN’s design philosophy revolves around making products with luxury, quality, and innovation. Initiated in Dubai and now available in over 40 countries, BAGNODESIGN offers a complete solution to bring your dream bathroom to life. BAGNODESIGN stands out as a high-end brand that redefines bathroom experiences with a strong focus on design-led thinking and trend-setting product design.

The new Orology series has been launched in Pakistan, and stylish watch bezels inspire it. These designs were made to showcase understated luxury. The elegant design gives a touch of timeless elegance and gives a modern unique look to your bathrooms. This glamorous collection is available at H&Co, the sole distributor of BAGNODESIGN products in Pakistan.  The Orology series features beautiful finishes of PVD Gold, Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Soft Bronze taps and showers. The soft bronze faucets and mixers are best for industrial looks, while the chrome and brushed nickel are best for luxury hotels.

stylish bathroom taps

Best Bathroom Products in Pakistan: Basin Mixers, Bath Shower, Shower Mixers, Vanity

The influence of BAGNODESIGN extends beyond the residential environments of bathroom designs in Pakistan. Orology has a versatile range of products that can also be used at hospitality venues, clubs, restaurants, and commercial buildings. 

  • Basin Mixers: Upgrade the aesthetics of your wash basin with elegant and functional basin mixers from the Orology series. Crafted with precision, they blend seamlessly with modern bathroom designs.
  • Bath Shower: Enjoy five-star hotel luxury with bath showers that combine sophistication and functionality, redefining your bathing experience.
  • Shower Mixers: The Orology series offers exquisite shower mixers designed to deliver a revitalizing shower experience while adding a touch of sleek elegance to your bathroom.
  • Vanity Accessories: Improve your modern bathroom outlook with vanity designs from Orology series accessories, making your bathroom a statement of luxury.

Accessories to Enlighten Your Bathroom

How can you not use stylish bathroom accessories if you have added modern bathroom tiles? Apart from the essential bathroom equipment, we also have accessories from BAGNODESIGN Orology Distribution. 

luxury bathroom accessories

1- Cotton Balls and Soap Dish

Explore our cotton ball holders and soap dishes that not only complement the products from the Orology collection but also increase the functionality of your bathroom.

2- Deck Valves and Robe Hooks

Deck valves and robe hooks from the Orology collection provide both style and utility, blending seamlessly with the modern bathroom design.

3- Towel Rail

Orology towel rails are more than just holders. They’re statement pieces that emphasize the luxurious ambiance of your bathroom.

Transform Your Bathroom With Our Premium Collection

BAGNODESIGN brings the best in the market high-class collection to make your bathrooms look like modern luxury. Getting your hands on stylish faucets in Pakistan that are both modern and latest for bathroom design 2023 is not easy. If you like these product ranges from our high-end brand BAGNODESIGN, you can easily grab our best products from our outlets in Lahore. These faucets and mixers will look fabulous with your modern bathroom tiles.

For any queries about the BAGNODESIGN Orology series, contact us at +9242 – 111 – 400 – 500 or visit our showroom at 203 MAIN CANAL ROAD, NEAR WAFAQI COLONY, LAHORE.