Pectoral Fly / Rear Deltoid

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Vibe pectoral fly/rear deltoid features several adjustable parts for improved handling, path of motion, and range of movement. It enables you to exercise with heavy weight without being able to cheat in such a way.


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With Weight Stack

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Upgrade your strength training routine with the Vibe Fit VY-61A09 Pectoral Fly / Rear Deltoid machine. Featuring adjustable parts for enhanced precision and a controlled motion path, this equipment allows for effective exercises with heavy weights while minimizing lower back strain. Focus on your pectoral muscles and rear deltoids safely and efficiently, thanks to this versatile and ergonomically designed fitness machine.

Key Features

Adjustable Design for Precision
Controlled Motion Path
Reduced Lower Back Impact
Versatile Exercise Options
Machine Weight: 235KG
Weight Stack: 80KG