Noble – Bath Vanity



Noble epitomizes Modernity and Minimalism with its understated luxurious exterior and functional space. Made with MDF painted shutters and PVC board carcass, this vanity is your dream come true with its aesthetic vibe and modern look it creates for your bathroom.


Material used in this Vanity:

1. MDF painted shutters.
2. Mirror.
3. PVC board is used as carcass.

Available Finishes:

Painted shutters (High Gloss/Matte)
MFC (High Gloss/Matte/Textured) available in imported and developed in Pakistan.
PVC cabinet used for sink/vanity cabinet only.

Technical Specification:

Standard thickness of MDF, HDF or particle board is 16mm & 18mm.
Standard width of cabinets starts from 400mm to 1200mm.
Standard Height of base unit is 720mm.
Standard Height of wall unit is 600mm, 720mm & 960mm.
Standard Height of tall unit is 2030mm or 2280mm.