Cooker Chimney Hood

Electrolux brand

Discover the Electrolux Cooker Chimney Hood, a masterpiece of kitchen ventilation that blends high-end functionality with contemporary design.
Its superior extraction technology is engineered to tackle the toughest of airborne greases, steam, and odors.
With its powerful suction capabilities and sleek glass canopy, this model complements any modern kitchen aesthetic and ensures a clean and odor-free cooking environment.
The Electrolux hood features user-friendly controls and efficient LED lighting, enhancing your kitchen’s ambiance while conserving energy.
Perfect for avid home chefs and design enthusiasts alike, this cooker chimney hood is the ultimate upgrade for a pristine and enjoyable cooking space.
Experience the difference in your kitchen air quality and style with Electrolux’s leading-edge ventilation solutions.

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Chimney Hood



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