Chimney Hood 90cm Decorative

Whirlpool brand

Elevate your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics with the Whirlpool 90cm Decorative Chimney Hood.
Crafted with precision, this elegant extractor is a must-have for those who value a blend of style and efficiency.
Its expansive 90cm width ensures a wide-reaching ventilation range, perfect for spacious cooktops.
The chimney hood boasts a high extraction rate, effortlessly removing steam and odors to keep your cooking space fresh. Its sleek stainless-steel finish and sophisticated design add a touch of luxury to any kitchen décor.
Equipped with user-friendly push-button controls and bright, energy-saving LED lighting, this Whirlpool chimney hood illuminates your culinary creations while maintaining a clean atmosphere.
Ideal for renovation projects and new homes, it provides a perfect mix of design, durability, and power, ensuring that your kitchen remains the heart of the home.
Trust Whirlpool for top-tier kitchen ventilation solutions that are as decorative as practical.

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Chimney Hood



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