Breath Pedi Lounge

Product Code: 31030


The Breath Pedi-Lounge is a multipurpose relaxation lounge that offers zero-gravity comfort. Locks in position for a soothing soak and complete pedicure, and transforms into a rocking lounge while polish dries. Beyond pedicure, this innovative design is at home in any relaxation area. Ergonomically shaped to ease the body into a blissful reclining position.

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  • Additional Information


    Lounge Weight 100 lbs
    Capacity Static weight capacity 450 lbs. Suitable for persons up to 6′ 4″ in height
    Top size 28″ x 69″
    Foam 1-1/2″ foam beneath PVC cover
    Dimension 73″ x 28″ x 21″