Surface Solutions Beyond Tiles, Marble & Granite H&Co

For flooring, marble and granite have long been considered durable and long-lasting options due to it being considered a “permanent finish”. We offer alternative solutions for flexibility, affordability, or unique aesthetic solutions. Explore a range of flooring options with H&Co and find the perfect solution for your space.

Marble vs. Granite: Contrasting Features and Applications

Marble and granite are natural stones commonly used in construction and interior design but have distinct differences. Marble is a metamorphic rock primarily composed of calcium carbonate, which gives it veined patterns and a smooth texture. It is known for its elegant appearance and is often used for countertops, flooring, and decorative accents. On the other hand, granite is an igneous rock composed of various minerals, including quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is recognized for its durability, strength, and granular texture. Granite is frequently used for countertops, backsplashes, and flooring of high-traffic areas. While marble and granite offer unique aesthetic qualities, their choice depends on the desired style, durability, and maintenance preferences. Although, H&Co is not a supplier of natural stones at this time, we were the first importers of natural stone in northern Pakistan. 

Versatile Surface Solutions: Porcelain, Tuff Tile, and Epoxy Floors by H&Co

Marble and granite are highly valued for their natural beauty and are commonly used for indoor applications such as countertops and flooring. In contrast, hard porcelain tiles are often preferred for outdoor areas like porches and walkways due to their durability and resistance to weather conditions. Another popular solution is tuff tile, a cost-effective alternative for various outdoor surfaces.

The problem with tuff tiles however is it’s long term maintenance. Wear and tear of these concrete tiles is highly likely and there is no good coating solution that will uphold its original look. Additionally, epoxy floors, such as Benjamin Moore Corotech Epoxy offered by H&Co, are an excellent choice for car porches and industrial floors, providing a seamless and resilient surface. Benjamin Moore’s  Waterproofing Concrete Stains are also available at H&Co. These concrete stains offer deep penetration into concrete floors offering outstanding durability. With a low sheen, these concrete stains provide good slip resistance for floors and are excellent for resisting penetration of water into concrete surfaces. A single coat gives a translucent finish and a double coat gives an opaque finish.

Enhance Your Bedroom with Cozy Comfort: The Benefits of Laminated Floors

Laminated floors are a popular and practical choice for bedroom flooring. One of the critical advantages of laminated floors is their excellent insulation properties, which contribute to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. The laminate material is a barrier, reducing heat transfer and providing insulation against cold temperatures. This helps to create a warm and inviting space, ideal for relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Additionally, laminated floors are easy to maintain, durable, and available in a wide range of styles and designs, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your bedroom.

Water Absorption Rates: Considerations for Marble, Granite, and Tiles

Surface Solutions Beyond Tiles, Marble & Granite H&Co

Marble, granite, and tiles have different water absorption rates, impacting their suitability for specific applications. Marble, a natural stone, has a relatively higher water absorption rate than granite and certain types of tiles. This means marble is more prone to water damage and staining if improperly sealed and maintained.

On the other hand, granite has a lower water absorption rate, making it more resistant to water damage. Tiles, especially porcelain tiles, are known for their low water absorption rates, making them highly suitable for areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Understanding the water absorption rates of these materials is essential for choosing the right option based on the intended use and the level of exposure to water in the desired space.

Affordable and Versatile: Tiles as a Cost-Effective Flooring Choice

Regarding cost-effectiveness, tiles are often the preferred choice for many homeowners and designers. Tiles, mainly ceramic and porcelain varieties, are more affordable than materials like marble and granite. This makes them a practical option for those working within a budget or looking to cover a larger area without exceeding their financial constraints. Additionally, tiles offer a wide range of design options, allowing you to achieve various aesthetics while keeping costs in check. With their durability and versatility, tiles balance affordability and quality, making them a popular and cost-effective flooring solution.

Elevate Your Space with Exquisite 4′ x 8′ Large Format Tiles from H&Co

We offer large format tiles measuring 4′ x 8′, renowned for their stunning aesthetics and premium appeal. These oversized tiles can create a sense of grandeur and luxury, often surpassing the elegance of traditional marble floor tiles installations. Their expansive size minimises the number of grout lines, resulting in a more seamless and visually striking surface. Whether used for floors, walls, or other surfaces, these large format tiles make a bold statement and elevate the overall design of any space. Experience the unparalleled sophistication and prestige of large format tiles available at H&Co.

Revitalise Your Bathroom: Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa Paint by H&Co

Surface Solutions Beyond Tiles, Marble & Granite H&Co

For those seeking higher flexibility and a wide range of color options in their bathrooms, paint can be a compelling alternative to traditional wall tiles. We offer Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa specialized paint for bathroom environments. This innovative product allows you to change the color of your bathroom walls easily and provides antimicrobial qualities that resist the growth of mold and mildew. With the ability to create a personalized and vibrant space while ensuring long-lasting protection against moisture-related issues, Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa paint is the perfect choice for those who value style and functionality. Explore this exceptional product at H&Co and transform your bathroom with ease.

Revitalize and Transform with Benjamin Moore Tuffcrete Concrete Stains by H&Co

Concrete stains offer a versatile solution for outdoor and indoor surfaces, making them suitable for domestic and commercial spaces. We proudly provide Benjamin Moore Tuffcrete concrete colors, a high-quality product that lets you easily enhance and transform your concrete surfaces. Whether you want to revitalize a patio, driveway, or interior floor, these stains provide exceptional durability and a beautiful finish. You can customize and personalize your space with various color options to achieve the desired aesthetic. Discover the transformative power of Benjamin Moore Tuffcrete concrete stains at H&Co and unlock the full potential of your surfaces.

Expanding Your Options: Exploring Flooring and Cladding Alternatives at H&Co

The choice of flooring and cladding materials ultimately depends on the client’s specific usage requirements and budget. While options like marble, granite, tiles, laminated floors, and concrete stains have unique qualities, it’s important to explore alternative solutions in the market. From engineered wood to vinyl, cork to bamboo, many materials offer different benefits and aesthetics. By considering these alternatives, clients can find the perfect fit for their desired style, functionality, and budget. We strive to provide a comprehensive selection of materials, ensuring every client can discover the ideal solution for their project. Explore the possibilities and make an informed choice for your space.

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