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BAGNODESIGN Stereo Collection: 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Mixer

BAGNODESIGN Stereo Collection

BAGNODESIGN’s Stereo Series offers a unique bathroom aesthetic inspired by the Jazz era. Discover the 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Mixer and other luxury bathroom products, exclusively available in Pakistan through Hadayat & Co. Elevate your bathroom with modern bathroom tiles, wash basins, and stylish accessories in this collection, embracing luxury bathroom design in 2023.

BAGNODESIGN Stereo collectionWhat’s Special About the New BAGNODESIGN Stereo Collection?

Inspired by the evocative sounds of the Jazz era and the gritty glamour of the early 20th-century songs and underground jazz clubs, BAGNODESIGN’s Stereo FM collection brings a fresh twist to retro styling, creating a truly unique bathroom aesthetic. The collection pays homage to an era that catalyzed innovation and shined with creativity.

This innovative Stereo FM collection can create a unique and versatile look for your bathrooms and washrooms with its diverse product options. It features sleek modular wall-mounted vanity units in warm walnut tones, serving as a stylish and practical complement to a range of eye-catching wash basins. These basins are available in a choice of monochrome and metallic shades, with the additional option of coordinating countertops in light Marble Statuario or moody Metal Burnished tones.

modern design sink tapsProducts Range From Stereo

One of the standout offerings in this collection is the 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Mixer, a true testament to innovation and style. BAGNODESIGN’s Stereo FM collection also includes unique brassware and mixers in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Anthracite finishes, capturing the essence of the era. These faucets feature distinctive detailing and curved lines influenced by the iconic design of the transistor radio, which remains a design classic even today.

The Uniqueness of 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Mixer

The 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Mixer from the Stereo FM collection combines both style and functionality. With this mixer, you experience a luxurious bathing experience like you are in a spa. It brings a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, exemplifying the dedication to quality and sophistication that BAGNODESIGN is known for.

Why the BAGNODESIGN Stereo Collection Shines in Bathrooms?

There are many unique features of stereo design series that will be a valuable addition to any type of bathroom.

  • Retro Elegance: The Stereo FM collection infuses the bathroom with a sense of retro elegance, adding a timeless touch that would leave everyone in awe.
  • Inspired Jazz Era Design: The collection draws inspiration from the captivating Jazz era, making it a unique choice for those who are a fan of the glamour of that time.stereo inspired taps
  • Versatile Modular Units: The sleek and warm walnut tones of the modular wall-mounted vanity units can effortlessly adapt to various bathroom styles, offering versatility and functionality.
  • Relaxed Bathing Experience: The 5-Hole Deck Mounted Bath Mixer not only complements retro aesthetics but also enhances the bathing experience, showcasing a blend of style and practicality.

How to Pair These Sanitary Wares With Your Bathroom?

Here’s how you can adjust these modern design sinks and taps from BagnoDesign in your bathroom:

  • Modern Bathroom Tiles: Pair the collection with modern bathroom tiles to create a beautiful contrast, allowing the warm walnut tones and metallic finishes to stand out elegantly against a contemporary backdrop.
  • Stylish Bathroom Accessories: Incorporate stylish bathroom accessories that align with the retro theme, such as vintage-inspired mirrors or fixtures, to further enhance the overall look and feel.
  • Coordinate with Wash Basin Options: Choose wash basin options that complement the warm walnut tones of the modular vanity units, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing bathroom design.
  • Monochrome and Metallic Shades: Experiment with monochrome and metallic shades for wash basins to add a touch of elegance and sophistication, providing a subtle yet stunning aesthetic to your bathroom.
  • Countertops in Marble or Metal Tones: Choose your countertops in Marble Statuario or Metal Burnished tones to complete the aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury and tying the design elements together seamlessly.

By following these pairing tips, you can optimize the aesthetics of your bathroom with the BAGNODESIGN Stereo FM collection, enhancing its style and making a statement with every element.

Revamp Your Bathroom With Aesthetic Products

Elevate your bathroom design in 2023 by incorporating the BAGNODESIGN Stereo FM collection. With Hadayat & Co. as the sole distributor of BAGNODESIGN in Pakistan, you have easy access to these aesthetic and luxurious bathroom products. Redefine luxury bathroom design in your home, infusing it with the spirit of Jazz-era innovation and sophistication.

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