Pec Fly and Rear Delt

Model: 61A09

Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid is a two-in-one machine that offers Pectoral Fly and Rear Deltoid exercises, rotated grips provide a full range of protection for your wrist, especially when using heavyweight training
POM material cam, CNC machining parts, POM is also called “super steel” Good lubrication and abrasion, make the movement smooth and comfortable
Mainframe adopts 75*118*3.0 semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe, movement arm adopts 40*80*3.0mm, joint pipe is 50*100*3.0 flat oval pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified.
The seat is made of an Aluminum Alloy arm parallelogram structure, torsion spring adjustment, convenient and safe.
High-density foam upholstery, “furniture grade” PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.
POM material pulley, CNC machinery, customized high-quality bearing to withstand High-intensity and long-term use
The cable inside the pipe, makes the machine organized.
Full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS virgin material, durable and eco friendly
Japan-made wire cable, with 6*19+1*75 coated wire which can withstand 1400kg strength.

N.W.:235kgs/518lbs G.W.:245kgs/540lbs
Installation size:990*1115*1994mm/ 39*44*79in
Weight stacks:80kg-16pcs/176lbs-16pcs

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